How to Properly Wear a N95 Mask

“This mask keeps sliding down my nose.”

“My glasses fog up every time I wear my mask.”

“Wearing a mask all day long hurts my face.”

Those are just a few of the common complaints we hear about wearing KN95 masks.

Wearing KN95 masks effectively reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Yet many people find them uncomfortable, and others criticize the design. Why else would their glasses fog up or their mask keep sliding?

The answer is easy: Most are not wearing their masks properly.

Below, we’ll demonstrate the correct way to wear your KN95 mask and provide some helpful hints to ensure that you’re getting the most comfort and protection every day!

What To Know Before You Purchase a KN95 Mask

Before we walk you through the steps to properly wear a KN95 mask, there are a few things to be aware of before you buy them.

Not all KN95 masks being sold online are equal. In fact, some masks labeled as KN95 are counterfeit and not manufactured to meet standards. Illegitimate KN95 masks may not have the required layers needed to filter particles, or the correct size and shape needed to ensure a snug fit to keep you safe.

To make sure that the KN95 masks you purchase provides the necessary protection, check to verify that:

  • the masks are packaged in tamper-proof packaging like a sealed box or bag
  • the packaging contains information about the manufacturer as well as an expiration date
  • the packaging or masks do NOT say "FDA Approved" or “NIOSH approved”
  • the masks are stamped with GB2626-2019 to show they were manufactured to the most updated respirator standard

Now that you know how to identify an authentic KN95 mask, it’s time to learn how to properly wear it for maximum protection.

woman placing KN95 mask loops around ears

How To Correctly Wear a KN95 Mask

Whether you’re spending the day at the office, traveling or shopping, your KN95 mask needs to fit comfortably and completely cover your nose, mouth and chin. It also needs to form a tight seal on your face to protect you from inhaling harmful particles.

Follow these steps to ensure that your KN95 mask fits comfortably and securely:

  1. Wash your hands before taking your mask out of its packaging to make sure that you don’t contaminate it.
  2. Unfold the mask and flatten out the adjustable nosepiece.
  3. Inspect the mask to ensure that it was not damaged during manufacturing or shipping. If so, do not use it.
  4. Hold the KN95 mask in your hand with the chin and mouth pieces in your palm and with the nosepiece near your fingers.
  5. Lift the mask to your face with the bottom half covering your chin and mouth and the nosepiece covering the bridge of your nose.
  6. Hold the mask to your face with one hand.
  7. Attach the straps to each ear with your other hand.
  8. Adjust the flexible nosepiece with both hands to establish a secure, comfortable fit that molds to the shape of your nose.
  9. Adjust the mask as necessary for comfort and to form a protective seal around the nose, mouth and chin.

When the mask is flat against your face with no gaps, then you’re wearing it properly.

Illustration showing incorrect and correct KN95 mask fit Illustration created by the CDC

What To Do If Your Mask Still Doesn’t Fit

You followed the instructions above but you can still feel your breath outside of the mask’s edges. If that’s the case. then your mask is not properly sealed.

Here are ways to adjust the fit of your mask:

  • Adjust the nosepiece or ear loops to make the mask tighter on your face
  • Rest eyeglasses on the outside of your mask
  • Remove any jewelry that may interfere with the mask’s fit (nose rings or studs)
  • Trim facial hair

If you’ve taken the following measures and gaps persist, then you may need to order your mask in a different mask size.

Man adjusting fit of KN95 face mask over beard 

Mask Up with Comfort - and Peace of Mind

Although many manufacturers offer “one size fits all” KN95 masks, Vital Supply Store knows this doesn’t work for everyone. Face and head sizes differ from person to person. When you shop with us, you can choose a KN95 mask in a size that most closely fits your face, whether you’re a petite woman or a large man with a beard.

All of our KN95 face masks are manufactured by an FDA-registered supplier and meet CDC construction requirements to provide 95% particle filtration.

Plus, with multiple mask sizes available you’ll find the one that fits you best! Choose from large KN95 masks, medium, small, and extra small to provide the most protective seal and comfortable fit for your face. We also offer KF94 masks specifically made to fit children ages 5-11.

Don’t take a chance on inferior masks. Stay safe and comfortable with the first-rate fit and protection of authentic KN95 masks from Vital Supply Store!

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