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KN95 Masks with Adjustable Ear Loops - Extra Large to Small Sizes

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Looking For a Quality Face Mask That Does Not Pull On Your Ears?

This is the perfect face mask for people who:

  • Experience discomfort due to mask ear loops pulling on their ears

  • Want to customize the fit and comfort of the mask to their personal preference

  • Prefer longer ear loops

The adjustable ear loop piece is small enough that you cannot feel it, however it is also strong enough to stay in place once you set it.  

 We realize that not all heads & faces are the same, which is why we offer the largest selection of KN95 masks in different sizes.

Large and Extra Large KN95 masks are ideal for our customers with big heads or beards!

If you are tired of ear loops pulling on your ears - Upgrade to Adjustable Ear Loops and customize the fit of your mask.

We have five mask sizes to choose from:

  • Extra Large KN95 Masks / XL KN95 Masks
  • Large KN95 Masks
  • Medium KN95 Masks
  • Small KN95 Masks
  • Extra Small KN95 Masks 

Constructed with 5-layers of high quality fabric, our KN95 masks provide comfort and a good seal.

⬇️ Please Review The Sizing Information Below To Help You Select The Best Size Mask! ⬇️


Choose from five adult KN95 mask sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large

Note: The measurements stated are from top to bottom and from side to side (with the mask closed - not open)

KN95 Extra Large Masks: 6.5" (top to bottom) x 4.5" (wide - when folded closed). Our XL mask has the longest profile from top to bottom and are great for those with longer faces. The length of the XL mask helps to minimize the chin from popping out from the bottom of the mask.

KN95 Large Masks:  6.1" x 5.3". Our Large size mask has a wider construction than other masks on the market. This mask is perfect for those wide a wider head/face profile or for those with beards. If you have an oversized face/head, this mask is for you. The ear loops are positioned closer to the ears, so you will not have your ears pulled forward!

KN95 Medium Masks: 6" x 4.2" This is a standard size mask and is perfect for standard sized faces. This size matches most other KN95 masks sold elsewhere.  The Medium mask is slightly smaller than the XL & Large masks from top to bottom and also has a slightly more narrow profile from side to side than the other two. Our medium mask is the perfect mask for most people.

KN95 Small Size Masks: 5.5" x 4.2" The small size is slightly smaller than the medium masks. The small size is perfect for people who struggle to find a mask small enough to fit their faces!

KN95 Extra Small Size: 4 7/8" x 3 7/8" The Extra Small masks are for very petite people with smaller face and head size.

If you are still unsure which mask size to select, we offer mask sample kits. This allows you to try a mask in two sizes, before you commit to a larger order. The sample masks can be found via this link: Sample Mask Kit


KN95 Mask Features:

• Soft padded nose seal provides exceptional comfort and fit around the nose

• Optional Adjustable Ear Loops, which help lessen pulling on your ears.

• Two latex-free ear straps

• The masks meet the GB2626-2019 standard for KN95 production. In addition, our KN95 masks are construction by using 5 layers of non-woven melt blown fabric.  


All Items are shipped from our warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona within 24 hours of order placement. You can expect your order to arrive within 1-3 business days from when you place the order.

Over 500,000 Happy Customers!

KN95 Masks to Fit Your Face - Vital Supply Store

KN95 Masks to Fit Your Face

Featuring 5 layers of non-woven melt blown fabric, our masks are easy to use and will cover your mouth, nose and chin. Choose your size for the best fit and comfort!

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  • Five Layers Filtration

    Our KN95 face mask uses 5 layers of skin-friendly non-woven fabric with no irritation to your skin. It's one of the most comfortable masks you will find on the market!

  • Ultimate Comfort - Vital Supply Store

    Ultimate Comfort

    Featuring soft, high-elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clips, our masks will ensure a comfortable fit in any size. Order small, medium or large size masks.

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