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KN95 Face Masks with Wider Design - Great for Beards and Larger Heads

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Adjustable Ear Loops

Extra Wide KN95 Face Masks

This is the perfect face mask for people who have:

  • Beards

  • Larger Faces

  • Bigger Body Sizes

  • Experience Discomfort Due to Mask Ear Loops Pulling on Their Ears

With its wider design and construction, this style mask resembles a butterfly - which is why we are calling this the "Butterfly Style Mask".  

What is unique about this style of mask?  There are several unique features with this style mask.  The mask is not only designed with a wider profile, but we have also extended the ear loops to provide improve ear comfort.

The butterfly style masks come in two sizes and with the option to add adjustable ear loops (which we highly recommend trying)

This mask could be a great option if you:

  • Want wider masks due to previous issues with mask coverage 
  • Have found masks to be too small
  • Have a large and/or wide face
  • Want a good fitting face mask for beards 
  • Dislike ear loops pulling on your ears 

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